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Africa Safari Tours - Chobe National Park, Botswana

Situated in Botswana, the Chobe National Park makes for a spectacular African Safari Tour. The park is divided into four geographical areas, each offering an array of fauna and flora to experience during an African vacation.

The Chobe Riverfront

The Chobe Riverfront or Serondela area is located in the north eastern part of the Chobe National Park. Famous for its numerous herds of elephants, this woodland area was once abundant in large trees, but has since been reduced due to the large amount of elephants inhabiting this area of the park. As this region of the park is located close to the famous Victoria Falls, it is known to be the most visited area in the Chobe National Park.

Along the riverfront visitors can observe waterbuck, giraffe, sable, impala, warthogs and more. The predators in this area include lions, leopard, jackal and hyena. Cape buffalo are also common in the Chobe Riverfront.

River cruises are popular along the Chobe - an African safari with a difference! Here one can view the hippos and crocodiles, not to mention the abundant bird life along the riverfront.

The Ngwezumba Pans

Located roughly 70 kilometres southwards from the Chobe River the Ngwezumba Pans offer a spectacular display of clay pans surrounded by grassland plains and woodlands. During the rainy season the dried pans fill with water, and bring an array of wildlife to the previously uninhabited area.


Visitors to the Savuté Marsh area will need to dedicate a number of days during an African safari holiday to this region of the Chobe National Park. This is simply because there is so very much to see here. Located in the south west of the reserve the Savuté Marsh is fed by the Savuté Channel. The channel is known to be erratic in its supply of water to this area of the park. This marvel dries up for long periods of time, only to almost magically start flowing again. This naturally influences the wildlife of this area, as the animals flock to the water during these times.

If you are interested in viewing predators during a family safari, the Savuté Marsh area will not disappoint. Numerous prides of lion; hyena and even leopard may be spotted in the hills surrounding the marsh. During the rainy season from November to March the annual migrations of the animals to this area of the Chobe National Park can be seen. Thousands of elephants and zebra can be viewed in the Savuté during this time, which means predators such as lions and hyena will also be in abundance.

Safari game drives to the Savuté Marsh will not disappoint - you may even be able to enjoy a game drive during the evening and experience the amazing nightlife of this area.


Located north of the Okavango Delta this area of the Chobe National Park is best visited during the dry season, from April to October. This is because the animals in the area migrate around the Linyanti River as it is the only water resource in this region of the park. Tourists can expect to see numerous elephants during this time of the year.

There are large numbers of lions as well as other animals such as wild dogs, various species of antelopes, leopards and of course elephants. The Linyanti area of the Chobe National Park in Botswana is also known as a bird lover’s paradise.

Accommodation in the Chobe National Park varies greatly. Individuals looking for a luxury family safari will find solace in the many beautiful luxury safari lodges - some looking over the majestic Chobe River. The more adventurous may want to try camping at the many camp sites in the park, or you may even be interested in renting a luxury safari boat!

The Chobe National Park can be accesses by road or air. If you are considering enjoying this magnificent park in Botswana as a self drive tour, be advised that 4x4 vehicles are preferable for the rugged terrain of the park.

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