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Despite being such a small country, Malawi has nevertheless put aside five areas towards conservation. These areas are each unique, offering visitors a different view of the country and what it has to offer. What they do have in common, however, is the friendly people of Malawi who ensure that your stay is a memorable one.

Lake Malawi National Park
Near the southern end of Lake Malawi lies a small area that was created mainly to protect the multitude of fish species that are endemic to the area. The 88 km² area includes a number of small islands and the surrounding lakeside.

The main attraction of the park is actually the ciclid fish species that are found nowhere else in the world and that evolved to survive in this unique environment. Other game are sometimes seen on the shores of the lake though hyrax and baboons are by far the most common.

Nyika National Park
Covering 3 200 km² on the northern Nyika plateau, this park is also one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Aside from viewing the diverse game that can be found on the rolling slopes, visitors can engage in a range of activities including hiking, mountain biking and horse riding to name a few.

The dry season is the best time to spot wildlife. The park boasts a very high population of leopards that live in the higher areas of the park along with a variety of antelope. Lions also share the higher reaches of the park. On the lower slopes elephants and buffalo are often seen. When the rains come, the park turns into a verdant garden that harbours over 200 different species of orchid and hundreds of species of birds.

Liwonde National Park
Located along the upper Shire River, this national park stretches across 580 km² in the south of Malawi. The park encompasses a wide variety of landscapes including riverine swamps, decidious woodlands, opern grassland and mopane wooldands, This great diversity allows for scenic and varied game viewing all year round,

Elephants are plentiful in there migrating herds and the rivers attract a large number of hippos and crocodiles. A variety of antelope including kudu and bushbuck can be seen here and there is a goodly number of lions and leopards in the park as well. All this can be seen from the comfort of two lodges that offer first class accomodation along with walking safaris or boat safaries to get you up close and personal with the animals of the park.

Lengwe National Park
One of the easiest parks to visit is just a few miles away from the city of Blantyre. Whether you stay in the comfort of the lodge or simply drive on through for a day trip, the Lengwe National Park can offer an unforgettable safari experience.

The 900 km² park is a combination of dense woodland and low hills. Leopards and hyena are the major predators that you are likely to spot, but the park is famous for the large variety of antelope that make this place their home. Amongst the species often seen is the majestic kudu with its curling horns and the beautiful, but rare, nyala. Alongside the large animals, almost 300 species of birds also make their home here.

For those interested in a little history, the park also offer as heritgage centre with a museum and crafts shop.

Kasungo National Park
Kasungo lies near the border of Zambia. Averaging at about 1 000 metres above sea level, this 2 316 km² park is best known for its large elephant population. The park is combination of miombo woodland and grassy river channels with some rivierine swamps offering some of the best opportunities to see game as they come searching for water.

Aside from the elephants that wander in large herds, the park also offer visitors to spot various endemic antelope species. The major predators are hyenas, servals and the endangered wild dog. Aside from the elephants and Cape buffalo, the other members of the Big 5 do not make their home here.


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