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Zambia is a premier safari destination. Many of their parks are pristine, untouched oasis far from human civilization. With few visitors in their many parks, Zambia can offer an unparalleled safari experience. To ensure that your trip is unspoilt, these handy reminders may be of some help.

The rating system used in African countries is different from the rest of the world. Expect that a 5 star rating is closer to 4 stars by Western standards.

Left-hand side of the road.
International driver's licence is required. (Nationals from SADC countries are exempted).
A temporary import permit is required to bring a vehicle into the country.

A valid passport (dates valid up to six months after date of departure) and a return ticket is required to the enter the country.
A visa is necessary by all foreign nationals and the costs vary depending on the country of origin.
Note that the visa does not dictate the amount of time you can spend in Zambia; this is determined by the Immigration official. The visa simply allow you to enter the country.
A valid and up to date yellow fever vaccination and Yellow Card is required if you are travelling from a yellow fever area.
General Information
Electricity is 220-240V, 50 Hz.
Time Zone is Greenwich Mean Time 2 during daylights saving time and GMT 1 for the rest of the year.
Official language is English. While various other languages are spoken throughout the country, English is spoken in even the most remote locations.
An International Driver's Licence is required for any visitor not from a SADC country.
To bring a vehicle into the country requires a Temporary Import Permit.

Malaria is a problem many areas. Check with your tour operator and remember to use prophylactics.
The water in urban areas is safe to drink from the taps.

The local currency is known as the Kwacha.
Money can be exchanged at airports or banks.
It is recommended that visitors carry small denominations of US dollars with them instead of exchanging their currency as many locations except it as legal tender.
Credit cards are accepted in most tourist locations but are unreliable.



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